Name: Nyel
Tumblr: heyrodley
Superpower: Chlorokinesis
Nyel can mentally cause plants to quickly manifest from the soil or accelerate plant growth within his proximity. He can also revive recently withering dead plants and mutate them by rearranging its DNA structure. Nyel can also communicate with all forms of vegetation and understand their mood and feelings.

An Epic Comic by Vince Villas


Kakasend ko palang kina uncle and auntie ung sipsip kong gimmick para makalikom ng pocket money. Hihi. Special thanks pala sa Captain Underpants series para sa inspirasyon. Salamat kai piew for editing the title. Salamat sa tumblr memes. At salamat at inurong ni mam ung book review kaya natapos ko to ngayon. Yun lang :>

Speaking of Tsunami…


I remembered a superhero movie that i used to watch before. I forgot the title. All I remember was a group of adult superheroes who discovered a gifted woman who can turn water into ice. And they wanted to recruit her but she refused because she has little control over her powers. And one day, a tsunami was about to hit the city and she turned the entire tsunami into ice as easy as closing her eyes and concentrating. Now who can tell me the title of the movie please?


Sometimes, fandom, you are just so weird.


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I want ALL the stickers :’)



The head, at various angles, in perspective.


Omg we use this in my figure class WHAAAAT